Ministry Solutions

Ministry Solutions

Personalized Ministry Coaching

Are you a ministry leader looking for a coach to help you improve and expand your outreach?

Do you feel like you’ve maxed out on ideas and need a little inspiration?

Do you feel less motivated than when you first began your ministry?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you would benefit from a coaching session with Coach Chevalor!

Key Benefits of Coaching

  1.  Set unique Goals – A powerful action plan built specifically for your business/ministry or personal development
  2.  Identify Barriers – Insightful truth about what must change to reach new levels of success
  3.  Pinpoint needs – Spot areas of development and create initiatives to quickly realize outcomes
  4.  Create Vision – Establish a unifying and overarching success framework for your life.

Book Coach Chevalor for Your Next Ministry Event

God has given each of us a gift. Would your group be more effective if they tapped into their gift? Coach Chevalor can assist with a transformative talk, a deeper look in the mirror that will bring forth change, confidence and so much more.  No one can do it better than you when you are operating in your giftings.  Coach Chevalor can show you how to soar in yours and applaud others on their journey. She can provide structure and charts to assist in understanding how each part comes together for a greater good.  

If you are a group leader interested in booking Coach Chevalor for a speaking engagement, please fill out the form below.

One of our friendly staff will contact you in 24 hours.

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

Coach Chevalor’s first published book and workbook is “A Wise Woman Builds Her House: Marriage Can Be A Beautiful Thing”.

The book was designed to help women build strong marital relationships based on Godly principles. Women are challenged to build and not tear down what God has blessed them to have.

The companion workbook guides readers through the process of evaluating their marriages and themselves and doing to hard work of taking accountability and committing to change. The workbook was designed to provide maximum results and give readers a space to journal and evaluate their decisions.

A Wise Woman Builds Her House will challenge your thinking and allow you to operate at another level of freedom.

Tribe of Wise Women

Finding  women that want as much out of life as you do can be challenging. If you want to dream big, live well, experience the best life has to offer, and be a blessing to others, then consider joining us in the Tribe of Wise Women. 

The tribe is a network of women that encourage each other weekly, share insightful dialogue and inspire each other to excel in all areas of life. We discuss topics like avoiding distractions, connecting with your vision, making time for self-care, starting a business, and so much more.

Meetings are held via Zoom and streamed live on Facebook. Membership is free and open to any woman looking to connect and grow.

Winners Alliance

People with a winning champion mindset choose to work with Coach Chevalor because she gives masterful insight and strategy on an individual basis. Her vast experience and perspective working with clients in a variety of industries over the years as well as from taking her own companies through many variations- brings on uncommon edge. 

She helps her clients look beyond their industry formulas and spot hidden opportunities, identify and prepare for unforeseen challenges and position themselves incomparably for their next level of growth.

Winners Alliance Elite Coaching

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

How can we help you achieve a life that is purpose-driven, God-focused and fulfilling?